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Cookbook Journey

a culinary adventure

I'm Michele Marques. I have lots of cookbooks that I haven't used in ages. So, I'm cooking 10 recipes from each, to determine which to keep. Along the way, I'm discovering some great - and not so great - dishes.

This blog used to be called "Writing Mysterious Paris," and might return to that name when I finish this cooking adventure. Here's why:

I wrote the novel Mysterious Paris in 30 days. Now I'm busy revising.

Mysterious Paris is about Manon Roberts, who six months after college still doesn't know what to do with her life, and who connects with her dead mother through the mysteries she wrote. With a modest lottery win, Manon and her best friend travel to Paris, where she will find out shocking truths about her family, find romance, and have adventures in hidden passages below a cemetary.

Due to a day job and not spending every spare moment on the novel, revisions are going slowly. But have picked up speed since I joined a local writers group.

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