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I meant to write a lot, really I did

Late this afternoon, I suddenly got my act together and started to work on my novel again.

This morning I had prepared... installing Microsoft Encarta. Yes, this was actual preparation for writing.... This past winter I discovered that they have multimedia... tours and photos of places in my novel. From experience with The Guide to Mysterious Paris and my novel, I know that some of my best descriptions come from looking at a picture and writing my character into the scene.

Then it was snowy and cold, and I decided it was too cold to go downtown to join fellow writers. I would write at home.

Finally, around 5:30 or maybe closer to 6:00pm, I sat down in the armchair with my laptop. First scene takes place in the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. There's a picture in Encarta! OK, it's an exterior shot, but I find a place in the scene where Manon is walking around and will pass the windows.

Uh-oh. Time to fix dinner.

Later this evening.... I plan to play one more internet word game, then go back to my novel. It's not that late and this game usually lasts me 25 minutes, 40 at the very most. I end up playing level after level, for over 2 hours!

But you probably already guessed that I didn't get much writing done today.
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