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Changes to Edit_This_Toronto

Edit_This_Toronto is going through some changes. If you're currently part of Edit_This_Toronto, you may have already seen this message. If you didn't read this message, but are working on writing fiction, please read on.

Some of you are not yet ready to have your novel peer-edited. Others find it inconvenient to get together for meetings.

Instead of trying to put everyone through the same schedule, I've set up Edit_This_Toronto to facilitate match-ups for peer editing on your own schedules. I've rearranged the file folders and set up a new poll.

The files can be found at:

  • Profiles includes the template for the editor-author profile, and is where you should post your profile.
  • Edit Tools currently just includes one worksheet. I'll try to post some more worksheets later.
  • NanoPrep includes worksheets for planning your novel. You might find some useful preparation for editing, especialy if you did not plan the novel.

The poll will remain open. If you have something ready for feedback (novel, excerpt, short story, other), please check the appropriate box(es). If you have time to look at other people's work, please check the appropriate box(es). You can change your choices whenever you want.

If you're not currently a member of Edit_This_Toronto, you can click this link and follow the instructions to join.
Your opinion welcome. Please leave a comment.

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