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Need to detangle this mess

OK, so the wonderful note-card re-sorting of scenes didn't work exactly as planned. I need to detangle the snarls... and probably while sitting in front of a PC, so I can have multiple scenes open at once and sort through the mess.

First, I think I left out one of the original scenes of Manon wandering through a neighborhood from the novel. Luckily, I have a place for it ... with only a little sorting out to do.

Then, on my re-ordering, I put an epiphany scene too late. I already marked where to put it in (my subconscious must have realized something was up when I was working on the earlier scene).

Also, because I broke up the fight scene from the Eiffel Tower scene, some parts don't make so much sense. Maybe I can move part of that scene to right after the fight? I don't know how this will play out... or if it fits. And I need to write another Eiffel Tower scene, and re-do the current one, to give it more significance.

And I may have mixed up a couple of scenes where the order is crucial... but I'm not completely positive... I have to read the next scene or at least look at the original order.

I should have worked on fixing the mess this evening... because I don't think I can get it all straightened out over breakfast tomorrow.

What a mess!


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Dec. 6th, 2004 08:43 am (UTC)
I really admire all the hard work you have been outting into this! I think your novel showed wonderful promise and I would love to see it in polished, finished form.

Sorry I have been so non-responsive lately. Major life stress and odd work commitments :( Maybe we can meet for lunch or something one day and get all caught up.

You are welcome to keep the yoga dvds and I have two VHS tapes I have set aside for you. Also, you might want to check out the BMV Books at Yonge/Eg and downtown, as they have quite a few Gaiam dvds.
Dec. 7th, 2004 03:40 am (UTC)
Lunch is good, if you don't mind meeting me at Yorkdale. Otherwise, I can meet you in the evening where you are.

Sorry to hear about major stress. Hope things are looking up.

Thanks for the tip re the Gaiam dvds. I'll check them out.
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