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Word on the Street

I spent the major part of Sunday at Word on the Street. It was a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather for this event... although perhaps a little hot in the sun.

The new location at Queen's Park is excellent. Most of the tables were on the two streets on either side of the park, and were just as crowded as usual. On the street to the south of the park were a number of food vendors. Selling yummy non-fast-food-type stuff (in addition to the usual hotdog and icecream vendors).

Much of the park was fairly open, leaving space to relax and/or get away from the crowds. Not far from the southern food vendors was a stage with musicians. Within the park were more spread out tables, which made for a more relaxing atmosphere when speaking some of the authors and perusing small press. A large section of park had nothing set up, and towards the end of the afternoon, we were able to relax for a few minutes, sitting on a park bench, away from most of the people.

Did I pick up books? Of course, lots!
  • Several books for nieces, nephews, and a friend's kids. My favourite is "The Mole Sisters". It's so charming and sweet, silly and unusual, that I want to read it all ... even though this book is aimed at very young kids.
  • The Tangled Boy by Caro Soles, this time signed. (Last year I bought The Abulon Dance, which was an amazingly unusual SF mystery.)
  • The latest by Maureen Jennings (also signed).
  • Several interesting books by small presses, but I don't remember titles/authors off-hand.

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