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Thoughts regarding November

As most of you already know, although I've participated in Nanowrimo 4 times, last year was the first time I finished the draft of a novel.

I had big plans for revisions and editing during the year, but I really haven't got that far with my work on Mysterious Paris.

Even so, I have started planning for writing a new novel this November, for Nanowrimo 2004.

Yesterday my husband asked how my novel was going, and asked if I was going to work on it this November. At the time I thought that for sure I'll work on a new novel this November. But I realize this means I could write novels every year and never get any into a format I could try to sell to publishers.

So now I'm wondering if instead of doing something new this year, maybe I should spend this November finishing the edits on my novel. It would still be a work-like-crazy schedule, but maybe I can use the power of the deadline and the November schedule to really feel finished with this book.

The alternative is probably that I write the draft of a novel every November, and when I retire I have 20 novels to edit and try to get published. But isn't that just a way of changing the "one day"? From "one day I'll write a novel" to "one day I'll finish editing a novel"?
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