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Lessons learned from my first attempt to cook rice in my Instant Pot

Somehow, I missed out on hearing about the Instant Pot until recently. I saw a news spot on the inventor and his device. I had been wondering if I should get a rice cooker or a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, but this one device seems to do it all.

The manual is good about the safety warnings and about explaining safe usage of the device. However, the manual is too brief in covering the different functions, and seems unclear in other areas.

First, I tried to use the Instant Pot as a rice cooker. I had leftovers, but needed more rice. No problem, I thought, the Instant Pot  will cook rice in 4 minutes. I started with the included recipe book. In the pressure cooker, I am supposed to use equal amounts of rice and water. I measured 1 cup rice. Then I used the included measuring cup for 1 cup water.

This was my first mistake. This cup might be OK for a rice measure, but it holds less than a cup of water. The rice did cook, but it didn't get soft and fluffy.

The recipe book indicated to use pressure/manual for 4 minutes. I noticed the rice setting on the Instant Pot, and I thought I should try it. My second mistake was to use the default rice settings. The default is for low pressure, with an estimate of 14 minutes. I was not able to set the time. The default pressure/manual setting is for high pressure. Next time, I will choose high pressure, as that will be quicker.

Those 14 minutes do not include the time for the pressure to build. The recipe indicated to allow a 10 minute natural release (in which the rice contimues to cook while the steam pressure dissipates). If you've been doing the math, this rice took an exceptionally long time to cook. And because I didn't add enough water, it was only barely edible.

I want to figure out the rice function. Next time, I will measure the water properly and try high pressure.

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