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What to cook with all the CSA veggies

We received a great variety of veggies in our week 2 CSA basket. Greater variety is more fun. Also, it's easier to figure out what to do with a variety than with several heads of lettuce.

Sometimes the variety is good for a single dish. I used onion, garlic, yellow pepper, tomatoes, and mushrooms in a chicken stir-fry. The garlic and onions are young, and I saved the greens for other dishes.

Let me know whether you like seeing what goes into dishes. I'm unlikely to post recipes, but prep photos are quick to add.

Sadly, my dessert did not turn out as expected.

That was supposed to be coconut custard topped with strawberry rhubarb compote. The compote was good, but the custard did not set. If I find a better custard recipe, I might try this again.

I didn't even cook this asparagus. Just cut it and mixed with a little dressing for a quick salad. This super-thin asparagus is so tender.

The not-quite-custard used 7 egg yolks. So, I used the egg whites in an omelet. Egg-white omelet is not as satisfying as whole egg, but I needed to use those egg whites. The flavor comes from the filling of asparagus and garlic scapes. No lettuce in week 2, so I made a spinach salad.

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