mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Seasonal food is the best food

When I cook from the CSA basket, my diet changes with the growing season.

In the peak of summer, I ate lots of corn. Omelets were filled with vegetables, like this one full of kale and tomato.

I prepared scallops two ways. First,with eggplant, garlic, bell pepper, and parsley.

Then with parsley, bell pepper, and golden berries. Golden berries taste a bit like tomato and are weird plain, but worked well in this stir-fry. Sweet potato is the first sign of impending autumn.

This potato salad makes a hardy meal. Besides potatoes, it's filled with carrots, green beans, onion, and chicken. Supposedly, in Venuzuela this is a side dish to accompany a roast ham or roast beef.

I used The Food Lab for the fast french onion soup recipe. It still takes a while to prepare, but at least the onions don't need 2 hours to cook. And it's super delicious.

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