mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

What kind of salad has no lettuce?

When it's a potato beet salad.

This salad was much more flavorful than the usual potato salad. It included purple potatoes, roast beets, celery, and eggs. The dressing was a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, and wine vinegar.

With onion, celery, and carrot in this week's CSA basket, I had to make soup.

Soup was a good way to use up stray vegetables.

I love the flavors of summer.

I cooked chicken with zucchini, tomato, corn, and fresh parsley.

And for dessert....

Black currant pear crisp. Next time, I'll have remember how much black currants overwhelm the flavor and use far less. The pear was barely noticeable.


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