mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Does this give you ideas for using fresh veggies?

Everything in that omelet came from the farm. So did the jam on the toast.

You won't see as many omelets as last year, as I don't need to finish a dozen eggs every 2 weeks. But omelets are still a great way to use random veggies. This time with yellow bell peppers and green onions. What's your favorite omelet filling?

You might not think of pasta as another way to use random veggies. If you like an exact repeatable taste to your pasta, this isn't for you. But I enjoy new flavor combinations.

To this standard pasta with tomato/meat sauce, I added zucchini and peas. They definitely livened the flavor.

OK, maybe I did cook a lot of omelets this week.

This time, paired with roast potatoes and salad. When potatoes are really small I roast them, as peeling lots of small potatoes is slow and annoying.

Sometimes I try different ways of preparing and serving veggies.

Here I served chicken topped with sautéed kale and tomatoes.

What's in this crisp?

Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. Only the strawberries came from the farm.

Normally, I don't add banana to a berry crisp. But I made this near the end of the week, and I was short 1 cup of fruit. Plus, much of the banana was over-ripe and best for some sort of baked good. The crisp was very sweet and yummy.

Here's a close-up of another salad.

Not sure if you can tell, but that's spinach and not lettuce.


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