mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Plenty from the farm

I just finished week 2, in which the CSA basket became more plentiful. Can you guess everything here before you scroll further to see what I cooked?

OK, so you probably identified most of those items.

First up was coconut basil chicken with asparagus. I needed to finish the basil from week 1, as I had a new supply in week 2. I have no trouble keeping up with the asparagus.

Tuna sandwiches are better with basil. That's a kohlrabi carrot slaw in the tiny bowl. No, you didn't see the odd shape of kohlrabi in the basket spread photo, because that's another item from the previous week. I always have to look up recipes for kohlrabi. I remember liking the vegetable, but never remember how it's used.

Lemon basil salmon and chard. I cooked the chard with my single garlic scape. But such a small mild garlic flavor wasn't detectable.

Fresh sautéed veggies are a light and flavorful dressing for pasta. I used kale, tomatoes, and cilantro.


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