mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Corn and squash go together like summer and fall

It's definitely autumn here, and the CSA basket is full of squash.

Pictured above are butternut squash, pie pumpkin, sweet mama squash, and acorn squash.  It's hard to go wrong with winter squash. I roast the squash, and then serve in a variety of ways.

Even for butternut squash soup, I find it easiest to roast the squash and make the soup with roasted squash.

I prefer waiting for the squash to roast than to cut the raw squash from the rind. And after the squash is roasted, it takes only 15-to-30 minutes to turn it into soup.

What's this?

It's a corn, tomato, edame salad! We're still getting a few tomatoes in the CSA basket. Corn stopped only recently, and we got some surprise edame the other week.


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