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My salsa won 1st prize due to all the fresh vegetables

The only ingredient not from the CSA basket was salt.

This salsa contains:
4 finely chopped tomatoes
2 finely chopped peaches
1/3 cup chopped onion greens
1/2 cup chopped parsley
Random amount of hot peppers... Seriously. I took peppers from last year out of the freezer and used a vegetable peeler to scrape off pepper.

The first day, it seemed tangy. The next day, however, the sweetness of the peaches overwhelmed everything.

Next time, I'll add onion (not just greens) and more hot pepper. I really want that heat and sweet contrast.

The other reason I took 1st place is that only two of us entered the contest. I think too many people were on vacation in August.

Other cooking with fresh produce
I'm finding all sorts of ways to cook kale. It's easy to throw into stir fry or to mix in with pasta sauce.

Combined with parsley and onion greens, this was a very green chicken stir fry.

I took a picture of blueberry peach cobbler before adding the batter. The wild blueberries had such a potent flavour for the cobbler.

Some of the chicken stir fry got repurposed in chicken fried rice. I added peas and radishes. Last year, I thought radishes were only for salad. I ended up with many radishes in the fall, when I had no more lettuce. So, I discovered how great they are sliced in sandwiches and cooked in stir fry.

Yes, I'm still eating salad.

Every week, I have corn on the cob. For this meal, I sautéed zucchini with tomato and parsley. I cooked the salmon with lemon and parsley.

Omelettes are great for filling with vegetables.

Strawberries! I ate them plain, mixed into plain yogurt, and added some to a salad.

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