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Enjoying CSA basket week 1

It's summer, which means that Front Step Farms CSA program has started up again. The start of the season is manageable - even more so this year, as I am sharing the basket with a friend. I have now cooked everything in the basket, except for a few radishes, a small portion of dill, and 3 rhubarb stalks.

I loved my first meal: lemon dill salmon, steamed asparagus, and rice. I steamed all the asparagus at once, because I had plans for cold asparagus. Really fresh asparagus is best served simply.

But my meal was not yet complete.

Strawberry rhubarb crisp was luscious with sweet berries tempered by tart rhubarb. Unfortunately, the only part crisp was the oat topping. I had modified a recipe for apple crisp, but berries are too loose and smooshy. I ended up serving this dessert in small bowls.

You cannot see the garlic that roasted inside the lemon garlic chicken, but it flavoured the meat. Early garlic doesn't divide easily in cloves. Cutting it and stuffing in a chicken is simple. I sliced the green stems and sautéed them, along with kale, chard, and vegetable marrow (like a fat zucchini) as the basis of pasta primavera.

Finally, I mixed the dandelion leaves, radish leaves, radish, strawberries, and asparagus in a salad. I've been reading about salad in a jar as a method of taking salad to work. I hope it works out, because last year I had lots of lettuce.

If you have a favourite non-dessert use for rhubarb, let me know.



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Jun. 27th, 2014 03:36 pm (UTC)
That looks so pretty in a jar
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