mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Did you think I was done with CSA corn? I froze lots of veggies

Although I still have beets, carrots, and a few other veggies in the fridge, today I decided to break out the frozen corn.

Today, I cooked the corn simply. I brought a small amount of water to a boil, then added the corn. The result was slightly soggy, but otherwise tasty. I did not blanch the corn before freezing. I just cut the corn off the cob and froze it. Perhaps blanching would have helped the texture. Or maybe I don't need to add water before cooking the corn. I might try using the corn in dishes where it can be a little mushy, like soup or shepherd's pie.

The potatoes also came from the farm. Over the next week or two, I should finish the potatoes. Because I only have small potatoes at this point, I'm mostly roasting them.

I still have quite a few onions, and I have enough garlic to last until spring. Before frying the burgers, I flavoured the oil with garlic.

Tags: cooking

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