mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Summer is over

I know that autumn officially began on September 21. However, all that corn in my CSA basket made me feel like it was still summer. This week, I still have tomatoes, but corn has come to an end. despite a couple of squash, the basket was lighter.

This week's CSA basket included beets, radishes, tomatoes, Irish cobbler potatoes, acorn squash, sweet mama squash, leeks, green onions, red onions, shepherd peppers, coloured bell peppers, eggplant, empire apples, strawberries, and a jar of strawberry jam.

One of my contributions to Thanksgiving this year shall be some sort of squash dish. Because my house is filling up with squash. If I roast and mash different squash, I could make a squash terrine.

I am searching for gluten-free frozen pie shells. I saw them when I didn't need them. And now I want to make pumpkin pie. Of course, I cannot find them now.

Tags: cooking

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