mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Cooked my first squash of the season

This week's basket included an acorn squash. I'm looking to more squash, as autumn approaches. Last year, I saw a David Adjey cooking demonstration, where I bought his book Deconstructing the Dish. I've always felt a bit intimidated by this book, and I haven't tried any of the recipes. Until I saw his squash recipe.

David Adjey's recipe is actually for an entire meal, with the other components served in the squash. But his seasoning looked tasty, so I fixed the squash and winged an entree: salsa chicken.

The squash looks festive with its stripes, but I don't recommend serving it as a giant bowl, unless it's a softer stringier squash, and filled with something to scoop out. I ended up taking the squash back to the cutting board, so it would be more manageable on the plate.

I've only tried one recipe (or partial recipe) from Deconstructing the Dish, and already I am disenchanted. This book is divided into seasons, and at first glance, it looked like it suggests food appropriate to the season. But why is this squash recipe in the spring section? Squash are only available in late summer and autumn. And at this time of year, I cannot get the fresh asparagus that were supposed to fill the basket. The seasoning was good, but I don't feel like I needed this recipe. I'll try a few more recipes from this book, but right now am not sure if I'll try 10.

The salsa topping the chicken salsa is a variant of the Tomato Salsa recipe in the Better Homes & Gardens recipe app. I used three large tomatoes from the CSA basket, instead of six roma tomatoes. Also, I used two of the hot peppers, instead of 3 chilli peppers. At first, I pulsed batches of the mixture a bit too long in the blender, but I caught on eventually. It didn't turn out the right consistency for eating with chips, but it was just fine atop the chicken breasts.

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