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Cookbook recommendations

Some of you have been following along my cookbook journey, as I try out recipes from my many cookbooks. No longer quite so many, as I've been getting rid of cookbooks that don't contain enough recipes that I enjoy. I'm not finished with my journey yet, but I thought some of you might want to know some of the keepers. Unfortunately, many of my cookbooks are out of print - even some of the recent purchases, such as Totally Scallops.

There's no point recommending books that are hard to find, so here is a small set of recommendations:

  • Venezia: food & dreams by Tessa Kiros - Pretend you're on a trip to Venice, with this lush cookbook. If you don't like to cook, you can enjoy the beautiful pictures of Venice and it's food. Recipes are tasty and not too complicated. (Recipes I tried)
  • Apples for Jam: a colorful cookbook by Tessa Kiros - These simple and appealing recipes are intended for families. Most recipes are delightful with their bold use of color. You don't need kids to appreciate most dishes. For a fun meal, you could plan a meal around a single color - or around the rainbow. I loved this cookbook so much, that I cooked far more than 10 recipes, almost bringing my cookbook journey to a halt. (Recipes I tried)
  • Gluten-Free Quick & Easy by Carol Fenster - Cooking for someone with gluten intolerance? These recipes really are quick and easy. The baking recipes require a little more preparation than for non-gluten-free. However, you usually end up with a gluten-free baking mix that can make follow-up batches super-quick. My favorite is the fruit cobbler! I used the same tag for multiple gluten-free cookbooks. Scroll past the few recipes from the Betty Crocker cookbook (which I discarded) to see the recipes that I tried from this book.
  • The Manga Cookbook by The Manga University Culinary Institute - Use this fun cookbook to cook fun meals for a child or as a first cookbook for a child. The anime-style cartoon recipes are easy to follow, and there are even a few recipes that don't require cooking. (Recipes I tried)



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May. 5th, 2013 12:10 am (UTC)
The kids really want me to get the Manga cookbook, but I think they'd just look at the food rather than eat it.
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