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Which lemon chicken recipe is best?

For many years, the lemon chicken recipe in Chicken Breasts has been a favorite. Gluten-Free Quick & Easy has a lemon chicken recipe that, until recently, I had never tried.

To refresh my memory, I recently prepared my old favorite. Still just as good. Marinating the chicken briefly in a soy sauce and sherry imbues them with flavor, which is the layered with lemon.

The gluten-free recipe coats the chicken in a delicate corn-starch egg toll batter. The recipe doesn't seem like much until the end, when cooking up a fabulous lemon sauce.

The right answer might be a hybrid - marinating the chicken, but cooking the better sauce.

In other cooking news, the orange custard from the international cookbook was pretty good. And the gluten-free meat loaf is a new favorite meat loaf recipe.

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