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What gluten-free food will I be cooking?

Next stop on my cookbook journey is Gluten-Free Quick & Easy. This book is all about making it easier to cook gluten-free dinners every night. It uses many short cuts that a true foodie would not use - such as canned sliced mushrooms. This book also provides many suggestions for saving time by cooking food, and then using the left-over meat in another dish.

I was tempted to prepare the pot roast, and use left-overs in the Thai beef salad. However, the weather is turning warm, so I don't feel like making a pot roast. Instead, I chose the following five recipes to start:
* Chinese lemon chicken (I'll compare it with the lemon chicken from the Chicken Breasts cookbook)
* Grilled chicken burgers with spicy Asian sauce
* Picadillo stuffed peppers
* Meat loaf
* Asian snapper with grilled pineapple

You might be wondering what's specially gluten free about these recipes? All three of the Asian recipes use soy sauce, and for these recipes gluten-free soy sauce is called for. Meat load uses bread crumbs, and gluten-free bread crumbs are called for. Stuffed peppers sometimes include bread crumbs (especially when stuffed with meat and not rice), but not in this recipe. So, most of the substitutions are ones that I could do on my own - and have been making when following recipes in other cookbooks.

My second set of recipes will venture into baking, which is trickier and not just a simple substitution!
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