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More quick cooking in the microwave

I cooked a few more dishes from Microways with varying success.

Honey Glazed Chicken is a roast chicken that starts cooking in the microwave, then finishes in the oven. It did cook quickly - about 30 minutes (not counting prep time). The chicken was pretty good, but nothing extra-special. However, the pot was horrendous to clean. The problem is that the honey glaze really burns. Next time, I'll use the other recipe for roast chicken, as it seems like it will require less cleanup.

Chicken Breasts a l'Orange - I made the sauce from this recipe, but just baked the chicken breasts plain. The recipe called for making breaded chicken cutlets in the microwave. As previous experience reheating breaded chicken cutlets wasn't a success, I opted to change the preparation and use the recipe just for the sauce. It's a fabulous sauce, and easy to make.

Shepherd's Pie still takes a while to prepare, but I guess is faster than non-microwave methods. It's good solid food, although nothing amazing. I did have lots of left-overs, so it was worth the extra prep time.
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