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On eating French food

Have you been waiting to read how the food from Larousse Pratique turned out? Some of it is magnifique. Other recipes less so - but nothing horrible. It's amazing that I've had this large cookbook so long and until recently had only tried a few recipes. Mostly, it's my staple for the icing recipe I use when baking a cake.

So, how are the other recipes?

Pommes bonne femme (baked apples) make a tasty dessert, stuffed with cinnamon and sugar. It's not overly sweet. It does take time to bake, so I have to plan in advance.

Boeuf bourguignon (beef burgundy) uses an entire bottle of burgundy wine. But it also makes plenty of left-overs if you're not feeding a large group. This is a real slow-cooking stew (simmering for 2 hours). But it doesn't really take long to prepare. This dish is quite tasty. When preparing to reheat left-overs, it looks quite scary, as the meat seems really dry. However, it heats up even softer than original. The beef is moist and falling apart. Mmmm.

Brocoli aux herbes (broccoli with herbs) is a bit weird. But broccoli is so common (especially in Toronto restaurants), so I enjoyed the difference this zingy sauce made.

Saute de legumes aux cajous (sauteed mixed vegetables with cashew nuts) is an unusual combination of vegetables - zucchini, tomato, and cucumber. The dish was pretty good on it's own as a side-dish. But I think it worked even better when mixed with left-over chicken.
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