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Still ambivalent

Originally posted to on Aug 7, 2006. Note: Vox made it easy to include book covers in my reviews, so I didn't always mention the titles in the reviews.

This book [Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, by Cory Doctorow] is about someone with the weirdest family ever. Seriously - his father is a mountain, his mother is a washing machine, one of his brothers is an island, and another is a set of 3 nesting dolls.

When I started this book, I couldn't get into it and thought I might not finish it. I couldn't relate to the story of Allen's family, and I wasn't overly enthusiastic about his plans to create free internet access throughout Toronto.

But I stuck with the book, as it wasn't bad and eventually I started liking it. It really clicked for me when it got into his attempts to be normal and fit in with normal society. At that point I could put up with the super-weird family, because I felt they existed to make his background weirder than anyone real ever.
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