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20 minutes to Chinese cooking

I took 20 Minutes to Dinner off the shelf, because I am not sufficiently impressed by the first three recipes. The Manhattan-Style Chowder is a reasonably good soup, but it doesn't wow me, and there's no way to make it in 20 minutes. Even if I didn't count all the chopping time (because that's part of the ingredients list and not the recipe steps), it would be impossible. Five minutes steam frying minced veggies, then bringing over three cups of liquid to a boil, followed by 15 minutes simmering. I'm sorry, but it's not 20 minutes to dinner!

Now on to Classic Chinese Cooking for the Vegetarian Gourmet. Lots of appealing recipes in this book! The first five that I'll try are:
* Velvet corn soup
* Pan-fried noodles with mushrooms
* Crispy noodles with vegetables
* Green beans and mushrooms
* Stir-fried snow peas and baby corn
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