mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

I say tomato and you say potato

I decided to ease into 20 Minutes to Dinner, as I'm dubious about this cookbook. I've used this cookbook occasionally - but only very occasionally.

First up was food processor gazpacho with black beans. This was fabulous - and also quick and easy to prepare. The black beans turn the gazpacho into a meal. I loved this dish so much that I'm preparing it for a pot luck later this week.

The vegetarian caldo verde is reminiscent of caldo verde, and yet quite different. I checked the recipe in the Portuguese cookbook, and I think the main difference is that in caldo verde, the broth and potato mixture should be pureed. Also, this dish took far more than 20 minutes!

I remain dubious about this book. But if I give it away, I might first copy out the gazpacho recipe. I recently realized that I really should keep my favorite recipes when giving away cook books. So, I'm copying out my favorites onto recipe cards. Maybe my recipe card book will be full by the end of this journey.
Tags: 20 minutes to dinner, cooking, favorite recipes, soups

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