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Mushroom burgers

No, not hamburgers topped with mushrooms! These are veggie burgers made of mushrooms and bread crumbs. They taste pretty good, but are way too crumbly and not good at keeping their form. As I have 4 more patties, I'm trying to figure out what to do. I might see if brushing with egg would help hold them together. If that doesn't work, I might give up and use them as stuffing.

My other dish was spinach coconut soup from Vegetarian Cooking Without (recipes free of many common allergens). I managed to use all my spinach, but I'm not keen on this recipe. First, the quantities are off.... the recipe claims it's for four servings, but cooking half the quantity ended up with about 4 servings. Second, it's not that creamy.... or coconut-flavored. I probably could have used twice the coconut.
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