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bread + mushrooms = mushroom bruschetta

Last night I cooked scrambled eggs with chanterelles. Although I enjoyed this dish, I don't think it was worth the cost of high-priced chanterelles. However, as the recipe indicated that I could substitute other small wild mushrooms, next time I'll use oyster mushrooms (and cut up the large ones).

We're almost out of bread, so I decided to get started on Canadian Bread Machine Baking. I have two bread machine cookbooks, and I realize that I'll have to intersperse bread-making with other recipes. I used to have more bread machine books, but because I can only make gluten-free (wheat-free) recipes in the machine, I already gave most away. When I'm making a gluten-free recipe from the book, I'll follow it exactly. When I'm using one of the other recipes, I'll be adding or substituting key flavor ingredients from another recipe.

This book has 8 gluten-free recipes, and I have two bags of gluten-free mix, so I've picked out all 10 recipes for this book:
* Ham and pineapple loaf
* Honey wheat bread (using the honey and nutmeg to flavor a gluten-free loaf)
* Apple cinnamon loaf
* Cassava rice loaf
* Corn loaf
* Corn-potato-buckwheat loaf
* Millet loaf
* Multi-mix loaf
* Brown rice loaf
* Rice loaf

As I write, the honey wheat-free bread is mixing in the bread machine.

With last night's dish, I finished the first five mushroom recipes. With two favorites, and everything else being good, this slim volume is likely to be a keeper. And here are the next five recipes:
* Mushroom bruschetta
* Mushroom burgers
* Mushroom and bean chili
* Mushroom and sage risotto
* Garlic mushrooms

BTW, did you notice that I've created a food-themed mood icon set?
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