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battered fish and flavored corn

Last night I cooked battered fish and flavored corn from Portuguese Home Cooking. The corn was super-quick to prepare, so I could see doing this often. I flavored the corn with garlic, diced green pepper (because I forgot to buy red pepper on Sunday!), ground fennel seed (replacement for ground anise), salt, and pepper.

The fish could have been easy to prepare. I like the flavor from marinating it in lemon juice and garlic. But did I really need to separate the eggs and beat them separately? Maybe if I had more oil - or weren't using gluten-free flour - the batter would have become puffy and crispy. But for me, it just nicely coated the fish, and I might as well follow the more traditional (and simpler) method that the book mentioned.

BTW, did you notice that I changed my journal name and style?
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