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I've seen some writing-related resolutions floating around. But considering how last year didn't turn out as I expected, I'm not making any resolutions.... just a general goal to find time to revise (or complete) what I've started. Hopefully, I'll submit more. Last year I submitted two pieces (three, if you count the "on the spot" literary contest).

Last night I worked on the poem that's grown out of the "on the spot" literary contest. I also tweaked one of my Liberty Hall flashes. I was looking over "The Gift," and saw a critical place where something in my head was not on the page. I'm hoping this helps with motivation.

Regarding last year's novel-planning based on The Gift.... I'm planning a complete overhaul. I'm not planning changes to the key personal relationships (although that could happen), but the setting, antagonists, and the secondary characters are all being changes. I have some ideas, but need to do research. My plan is to let the story percolate while I revise my shorter pieces.
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