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Cooking experiment

I enjoy cooking, and I have lots of cookbooks. Perhaps too many cookbooks. They are certainly overflowing their allotted space in the kitchen, with a few on another shelf. However, most of the time, I cook without following a recipe.... either something I've cooked many times, or my own ad hoc cooking ideas, based on mood and on-hand ingredients.

What's your relationship with cookbooks?

I've decided it's time to cull my cookbooks and try new recipes. My plan is to go through each of my cookbooks and make 10 recipes. If I cannot find 10 worthwhile recipes in a cookbook, then I'll get rid of the book.

First up: Chicken Breasts by Diane Rozas. I bought this over 20 years ago, and it contains my favorite recipe for lemon chicken. I use this cookbook at least a few times a year, but mostly for a few recipes.

I've bookmarked the first 5 recipes:
  • Brazilian chicken breasts with sauteed bananas
  • Sesame-lemon chicken
  • Sweet and savory butter-basted chicken with chutney butter or maybe mustard butter (substituting margarine)
  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Mango chutney glazed chicken breast

No cooking from this book today or tomorrow, however, as I'll be getting together with family.


Dec. 26th, 2009 01:04 pm (UTC)
I love cookbooks, but I left all of them in Tucson when we moved. Just, I don't know, I wanted to leave space, I guess. And my life was changing, so it was representational of that, in a way.

I don't miss them. I've discovered recipes on the backs of cans/bags of foods, people write them on blogs, they're on recipe.com; lovely recipes, and I don't have to keep the books, with I have no real place for and they become so dirty.

The only one I truly regret was a book I threw away. I thought the recipe I loved for braided bread was in *another* book, but as it turned out, I threw away the wrong one. So dumb!

You could always pull out the good recipes and throw away the rest :D *no*, just joshin' :D
Dec. 26th, 2009 02:04 pm (UTC)
I see where you're coming from. Because I can go weeks or even months without turning to a cookbook, my husband sometimes asks if I need any of them.

If there's only a couple of recipes that I love from a cookbook, I might pull just those recipes, as you suggest. However, I love the heft of cookbooks, and turning past recipes that I haven't made, so I do want to keep the cookbooks that I use. It's just that I probably don't need so many of them.

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