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Entered writing contest at Ad Astra

I had a lot of fun at Ad Astra, but it's late, so I'll keep this post short.

I entered the flash fiction contest. The session about the contest was 2:00 - 3:00. The competition was very open-ended... to write on a theme from a list - but it was a list that all the participants brainstormed, so we were free to add whatever we wanted to write about before 3:00. Stories were due by 6pm and were supposed to be no longer than 250 words - although the judges also said that they were only looking for something approximately 250 words max, and not to worry if we went slightly over.

I didn't have have 3 hours of writing, however, as I went to a panel on developing character before writing the story. On my first attempt, I realized I was way over.... and counted almost 350 words. I edited out words, and then cut out still more as I copied my entry to fresh pages (this was hand-written).

Sunday I'll find out the results.
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