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Writing resolutions for 2008

With the new year, it's time to set goals for the coming year. I'm still experimenting with how to establish a regular fiction writing habit. My other goals are all centered around getting work into submissions. I'm trying to keep my goals to something I can accomplish - but which will require effort on my part.

  • Write every day. Technical writing doesn't count, but the following writing does: revisions of fiction, new fiction, writing exercises, and blog entries for Write On (corporate blog) or Writing after dark (mostly book reviews).
  • Enter 6 challenges at Liberty Hall. This is the same number of challenges I completed in 2007, and is reasonable for 2008.
  • Revise and submit at least 5 works of fiction. Poetry submissions with multiple poems count as one submission.
  • Do not let the number of pieces submitted drop for more than one month. This means that any time a piece is rejected or accepted, something must go out. Right now I have one piece out (a couple of poems). Ideally, I will have 5 pieces out for consideration at year end.
  • Complete and send out one of the versions of Mysterious Paris. This could be the novel, the novella, or the short story.

An optional goal is to participate in Nanowrimo this year. It's something I'd like to do, but not at the cost of my other goals for this year.
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