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How did I do on my resolutions for 2007?

Clearly, I should have looked at my resolutions more often, because I'm feeling off-track.

* Write 3,000 words per week (or revise an equivalent amount. Regular writing has to become a habit. - I don't think I ever met this goal, but even worse, I have done very little fiction writing in the second half of the year. I definitely have to make regular writing a habit!

* Send out five short stories for submission, and keep sending them out until they find homes. This includes: "Blonde Bimbos on the Moon" (currently out), "I am Brave" (about to undergo further revisions), the to-be-named story I'm working on for the Liberty Hall contest, and two yet unwritten stories. I did quite a number of submissions, but mostly "Blonde Bimbos on the Moon." I finished the Liberty Hall contest, but did not re-submit ("Lily") yet. "I am Brave" only went out once. I submitted a couple of poems (as one submission), but am one shy of my goal. And I had really planned to have stories that were ready to send out repeatedly.

* Complete draft of Starved by the end of February (end of January is now unrealistic). I'm trunking Starved, at least for now.

* Enter one "flash fiction" contest at Liberty Hall each month.I didn't enter every month, but there was a month in which I entered several weeks. In the end I wrote 6, which is half the number I planned.

* Complete my next draft of Mysterious Paris by September 1. I did some revision on Mysterious Paris, but didn't really complete the draft.

* Write another novel (or a rewrite of A Science Fiction Fantasy) in November. I didn't write any fiction in November, except for exercises with my writing group.

In early 2008, I'll post my resolutions for 2008. I have ideas, but have to ponder. I want to set up goals that will help get me back on track. I felt like I did pretty well in 2006, but slipped in 2007.
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