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Short stories

This evening I've been going on a short story binge.

I just finished reading las's In the Shadow of the Fryolater at The Town Drunk and couldn't help laughing.

The complete absorption of Emma's boyfriend Benny in his multi-player computer game reminds me a bit of one of the main characters of "Save Me Plz," which I heard today courtesy of EscpaePOD, after having read it recently in Realms of Fantasy. The reading was well-done, but having read the story so recently, the ending was still fresh in my mind. "Save Me Plz" is a cute story, but it only partially worked the second time.

I also listened to "Neils Bohr and the Sleeping Dane," (also on EscapePOD)a really unusual story about World War II, golem, and Neils Bohr. My only surprise was that this wasn't held for the upcoming PODCastle, their sister fantasy site. Although there was some discussion of science in this story, it didn't seem to be a science fiction story - at least to me.
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