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I just recently subscribed to Escape POD. I've never listened to audio books, and barely listened to broadcast fiction on the radio. But with my recent forays into short fiction (thanks douglascohen for the impetus), I decided to give it a shot - after all, I saw that Escape POD had previously carried stories by the likes of Mike Resnick and Nancy Kress.

My first story was James Trimarco's "The Sundial Brigade." I'm now hooked on Escape POD! Great story and reading. The story is set in the distant future. Floods had ravaged Earth, and Martian colonists had come back to rescue Earth and the remaining people. But now the Martians want to experience what Earth was "really" like, and have set up museum cities to show what it was like to live in a certain place and time from Earth's past - and all the residents have to live "true to period" while always being under observation by the Martians.

The story-line drew me in and kept me listening eagerly until the end. The characters were well-motivated and plausible. Sufficient description made me feel like I was in the city with Antonio, without dragging down the story. I could probably read a novel set in this world!

I'm looking forward to my next listen from Escape POD.
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