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writers meme: a question of character

Thanks to aliettedb (and others) for this meme.

About .... who else? .... Manon (Mysterious Paris)

1 - What is your character's favorite colour? Does she own anything that colour?
Gray. It reminds her of smoke and of rain in the city.

2 - Your character wants to read a book or rent a movie - what would he/she choose?
Well, this features pretty prominantly in Mysterious Paris. Manon is always reading books from the Inspector Jardin mystery series by her mother.

3 - Does your character have any siblings? Do they get along?
Manon is an only child.

4 - Has your character ever had a hangover? How did it happen?
Of course! She might seem serious and up-tight now, but in college her boyfriend David liked to go to parties all the time, which (to him) meant drinking a lot. Manon liked the way she felt more relaxed when drinking, and would sometimes get carried away.

5 - What is your character's main mode of transportation?
Subway or Metro.
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