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Update on latest Liberty Hall flash

I've decided to use the Liberty Hall flash challenges are writing exercises. This past week I wrote "Unprepared" as attempt to improve my use of setting. Although I had more description of setting, I'm not really sure I succeeded. Perhaps it wasn't evocative enough. Or perhaps people only notice an unusual setting, as nobody commented on my setting. They mostly commented on my plot, which I had sort of left by the wayside in an attempt to focus on setting.

However, as I'm normally very plot-focussed, I couldn't help forming a plot as my mc travelled the forest. And I like my characters, who have quite different agendas and personalities. Orin is not nice at all. Although he doesn't even notice.

At some point I'll write this story properly.

The amusing part about this week's votes: one person actually voted my story for "Best Dialogue" even though I don't have any dialogue! Perhaps what that person imagined Orin and Jainellen said to eachother was better than anything I would have written.

I haven't decided yet if this Jainellen is the same as from nano2002. I started thinking it would be her living out one of her "in game" stories, but I found that I didn't have anything to say about that Jainellen in this setting. Which is odd, considering how that Jainellen is living in a house built into a tree. Something to ponder.
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