mmarques (mmarques) wrote,

Yay.... posted my Flash

Liberty Hall is up again, so I posted my revised story in the polish contest. Then I wrote something for this week's flash contest.

Last time I ended up getting distracted and almost didn't finish on time (there's a 90 minute limit for the flash challenge). This time I'm thinking I was too focussed on the plot. I also finished early and got to touch up the story before submitting.

So far for my resolutions, I'm on-track for Liberty Hall flash challenges. I think the goal of one per month was a good idea.... definitely possible to fit in with 4 or 5 weekends in a month. And if I can polish some of these super-short stories for submisisons, I'll be able to meet my goal of 5 stories in submission this year ("Blonde Bimbos on the Moon" is out again, so I only need 4 more).

I'm completely blowing the weekly wordcount goal... which also makes it less and less likely that I'll complete Starved by the end of February.
Tags: blonde bimbos on the moon, resolutions, starved

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