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New year resolutions

I liked having resolutions / writing goals for this past year to measure up against. I didn't meet them all, but it did push me to work harder at my fiction writing.

Here are my goals for 2007:

* Write 3,000 words per week (or revise an equivalent amount). - This is the same as my writing goal for 2006, except revised to allow for weekend catch-up. Regular writing has to become a habit.

* Send out five short stories for submission, and keep sending them out until they find homes. This includes: "Blonde Bimbos on the Moon" (currently out), "I am Brave" (about to undergo further revisions), the to-be-named story I'm working on for the Liberty Hall contest, and two yet unwritten stories. (Yes, this means that I need to complete two more stories.)

* Complete draft of Starved by the end of February (end of January is now unrealistic).

* Enter one "flash fiction" contest at Liberty Hall each month. (Their contest is timed, rather than word count.) This will force me to give and receive critiques in that community and might help me come up with the two extra stories for submissions.

* Complete my next draft of Mysterious Paris by September 1.

* Write another novel (or a rewrite of A Science Fiction Fantasy) in November.

Are you setting any goals for the upcoming year?
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