January 1st, 2017


What ever happened to the CSA?

I knew that I had been reading more than blogging, but I just realized that my last entry was in early October! The CSA season until nearly the end of October.

Autumn meant eggplant, carrots, and tomatoes. The CSA didn't include mushrooms. During  CSA season, it was rare for me to buy and produce from the supermarket aside from bananas and apples. And even apples, I purchased from the farm when I'm season.

We got corn until late in the season. As I was still getting radishes but no more lettuce, I had to find other ways to use them. It's easy to roast carrots and radishes when roasting a chicken. Roasting mellows the flavor.

I didn't always eat corn on the cob. Sometimes I make a salad, combining it with tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing. I got a cabbage in one of the late baskets, so I made coleslaw.

I love sweet potatoes. The omelet is filled with zucchini.

All these pictures of corn remind me of summer. Fortunately, I froze corn throughout the summer and autumn.