December 26th, 2015

cute food

Which came first, the chicken or the egg

Back when I picked up the last basket of the CSA season, a chicken from the farm had wandered to their market.

A little girl kept chasing the chicken, so it jumped out of the way on the table of sauces and pickles.

There are a few last items from the CSA in my fridge, and more in my freezer and pantry.

Soon I'll finish the eggs. I have a modest amount of corn in the freezer. And jars of preserves in the pantry. Pictured above is peach butter. It's not overly sweet and delicious on toast.

It's hard to see way went into this stew.

The potatoes were from the supermarket. I finished the carrots from the CSA. What else came from the farm? Tomatoes and zucchini. I froze both during the summer and fall.

This year we mostly got giant zucchini. The large size is sometimes fun to serve stuffed. However, the flesh is not as flavorful as when small, and the peel becomes incredibly tough and must be tossed. I have too much zucchini in my freezer. The zucchini seemed to work out well in this stew, and next time I might try to use more.