October 5th, 2014

cute food

As the seasons change, so do the contents of my CSA basket

With the start of September, the contents of my CSA basket shifted. Instead of plums, peaches, and apricots, I get apples and pears. Lettuce is less abundant. Peppers, eggplant, and squash are showing up.

Eggplant, onions, and green onions made an easy stir fry.

I added apple to the salad, which otherwise contained the more typical lettuce, radish, roast beets, tomato and cucumber. I used more veggies to top a pizza: tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper, and basil. Yes, this year the farm has mushrooms.

All the food pictures above came from the farm. The omelette is studded with Swiss chard and mushrooms.

This time, I added pear to the salad. Fruit adds sweetness and a delightful burst of flavor to salad.

I roast an acorn squash with brown sugar.it tasted good, but I should have roasted it longer. It really wasn't soft enough. The shrimp are stir fried with green pepper, tomato, garlic, and parsley.

We're still getting corn every week. I freeze whatever I don't cook. I love a bowl of corn chowder in winter, as it reminds me of summer. This omelette is stuffed with spinach.

Now the plate looks like autumn, doesn't it? Everything roasted here: chicken, potatoes, carrots, radishes. I stuck the carrots and radishes around the chicken. The carrots might look dried out, but they were tender and moist. A friend told me about roasting radishes with chicken. I never heard of that before, but it was a good combination.