September 1st, 2014

cute food

Over half-way through the CSA season

I just recently picked up the week 11 CSA basket. We're clearly heading towards autumn, as this basket included the first winter squash. The harvest is bountiful with plenty of fruit. Most of these pictures are from the week 9 and 10 baskets.

We're still getting lettuce, but sometimes we need a break. Lettuce and cucumber make a quick light salad.

I love brussel sprouts! Fortunately, we had enough for one meal. They are cute and tasty, but I would tire of them if I had them often. I fried the shrimp with garlic and parsley. Even the baked potato came from the farm.

Last year, someone sent me a recipe for cinnamon zucchini bread. It made two delicious loaves. The recipe included a gluten-free variation. The loaf was so light, unlike typical gluten-free loaves. I'm glad the recipe indicated the measure of zucchini in cups, because I never know how much zucchini to use when the recipe calls for 2 medium zucchini. The zucchini that I got from the farm is an enormous 18 inches.

The left-over shrimp went into shrimp-fried rice, along with carrots, green beans, and egg. Fried rice is a great way to cook with random veggies.

Can you see the veggies in the shepherd's pie? I always cook this dish in 3 layers: meat, veggies, mashed potato. I don't know why I prepare the dish this way, as I see many people and recipes mix the meat and veggies.

I didn't eat the peaches quickly enough, and they started getting a few soft spots. So, I cooked them into a peach topping.

Perfect for mixing with yogurt or on top of ice cream.

Did I mention that the zucchini was 18 inches?! The zucchini bread barely made a dent. I used quite a bit in chicken stew (along with carrots, tomato, and onion).

Left-over stew was repurposed into veggie chicken chowder.

I even prepared zucchini hummus out of that same large zucchini. With the garlic, tahini,and lemon juice, it has only a faint zucchini flavor.

We have lots of meals with green beans and corn on the cob. Our most recent basket included shallots, which I quickly used in a sauce for the steak.

My basket didn't include strawberries, but I couldn't resist picking up a pint at the farm. These late berries are so sweet and flavourful. I combined them with pears in a cobbler. I don't remember having this combination before. It is quite sweet and the flavours complement each other. To those who feel that rhubarb spoils strawberry desserts, give pear a try.