July 18th, 2014

cute food

I keep cooking those veggies

Week 3 of the CSA included 3 heads of lettuce. I'm really glad that I'm splitting my basket with a friend, as I'm not quite finished with lettuce at the end of week 4!

I added raspberries to the first salad. Later on, I roasted beets and added beets. I always include radishes, and include cucumber when possible. This winter I learned about salad in a jar - a way to pack salad in a jar, so I can take it to work. Basically, dressing and wet ingredients go on the bottom, firm veggies go in next, and topped with lettuce. The firm veggies form a barrier to keep the lettuce dry.

This omelette includes parsley and eggs from the farm basket.

More salad. I roasted potatoes, beets, and kohlrabi at the same time. I mixed parsley with the bread crumbs that coat the chicken.

When I'm not sure what to do with veggies, stir fry is the easy route. This stir fry includes Swiss chard and zucchini. Also, garlic greens.

I baked salmon with basil and lemon juice. First time I tried this combination, which is really tasty. I didn't have many peas, so I mixed them with rice.

Everything in this frittata came from the farm: eggs, potatoes, Swiss chard, garlic. I had to see a recipe to think of using Swiss chard in a frittata. Now, I realize that I can probably substitute chard for spinach in many recipes.

Shrimp with garlic and basil. This is a great combination. The recipe called for shrimp with their tails on, but I cooked the shrimps without their tails. The only time I like shrimp tails is when I'm dipping cold shrimp in sauce. The worst is when I get soup and the shrimp still have their tails. What's the benefit of leaving the tail on?

The next day, I used the left-over garlic basil shrimp I'm shrimp fried rice. I added onion and peas. Also, a carrot. But there's so little carrot compared to the rest of the food. I should have either added more carrot or left it out.