July 3rd, 2014

cute food

Filling up with fresh fruits and veggies

For week 2 of the CSA program, I didn't manage to cook everything in the basket. Next week, I'll have to either catch up or start freezing. Fortunately, my freezer is nearly empty.

This dish might look like ordinary pasta with meat sauce. However, I cooked most of the kale into the sauce. This was a good addition, but I should have considered adding more veggies to the sauce.

We ate quite a few strawberries before I baked anything. I ended up with not enough fruit and added banana to make this strawberry rhubarb banana cobbler.

Cobbler is one of my favourite desserts.

I used half the vegetable marrow, all the garlic scapes, and most of the basil in a Thai-inspired scallop dish. I didn't buy enough scallops. I realize now that I could have used all the basil and also added the garlic. But it smelled so pungent when I was chopping everything. The white liquid is coconut milk. This dish is pleasant, but too mild.

I used more kale, along with the carrots and peas in a chicken vegetable soup.

Not pictured, I sliced radishes for sandwiches. I also shredded more kale to include in a sandwich pita pocket.

I only used half the vegetable marrow, and didn't completely finish either the kale or basil. I barely touched the parsley, and didn't use any garlic. This week's basket included eggs. Although I cooked with eggs, I was finishing the store-bought eggs.