November 4th, 2013

cute food

What will I learn to cook in The Science of Haute Cuisine?

I'm taking the edX MOOC The Science of Haute Cuisine. Fortunately, there's a lot of flexibility for completing the labs and homework. For the first lab, I checked out the accuracy of my equipment. My oven seems to be 6F hotter than it indicates. However, I should probably try the test again. The test was to melt something with a known melting point - in this case, granulated sugar. My kitchen scale is off by 37 grams. As I had to weigh a cup of two different items, which I measured in different measuring cups, I'm fairly certain that the scale is off. I'll have to get something more accurate.

The homework included two recipes. I don't have to prepare them, but the eggplant recipe looked interesting. Also, I had eggplant from the CSA.

The dish looks beautiful, adorned with pomegranate seeds. It tastes ok, but wasn't amazing. It would probably taste better if I didn't have to substitute non-dairy ingredients for buttermilk and yogurt.