October 27th, 2013

cute food

Penultimate week of the CSA program

This is week 19 of the 20 week CSA program from Front Step Farms. This summer, we had an incredible amount of vegetables! It's quite overwhelming for only two people. But the flavour of these local fresh fruits and veggies is amazing. Even after the program ends, I'll still be eating squash, carrots, onions, and garlic for at least a month. I have a freezer full of corn and zucchini. My pantry is well-stocked with jams, pickles, and hot sauce.

But, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. This week's basket contained: Roma tomatoes, small white potatoes, sweet mamma squash, a large white onion, a large red onion, coloured bell and shepherd peppers, cherry bomb hot peppers, garlic, assorted apples, strawberries, and a jar of pickled garlic.

Can you believe fresh strawberries at the end of October?! They are so sweet and full of flavour.