January 10th, 2012

cute food

What colors are food?

I still have a few more orange recipes to prepare from Apples for Jam, but I decided to pick the next recipes. Yes, I'm almost finished with 10 recipes, but I'm trying all the colors in this color-oriented recipe book.

The next color is yellow. Although many yellow recipes look good, there's only one that I'll prepare. Some use cream (I haven't found a dairy-free substitute that I like) and several are for the grill. So, you'll see a few colors in these next five recipes.

I'll prepare:
* Sauteed potatoes with egg

The beet gnocchi look lusciously pink. But with lots of parmesan cheese, I'll try something else.

I'll prepare:
* Shrimp and spinach brown rice risotto
* Pear and berry crisp

Yes, with lots of green vegetables, I expected to find choices. Oddly, some of the meat choices have almost no green. Meat cannelloni with a small amount of parsley and basil. A paillard of veal with a single rosemary spring. Looks tasty, but not green.

I'll prepare:
* Pea and potato mash
* Sauteed broccoli with tomato