October 25th, 2010

cute food

Japanese cooking continues

Only one recipe left to try in the manga cookbook, but I'm not saying sayonara to Japan. A few years ago, I picked up taste of Japan at my grocery store, but I've only cooked a couple of recipes from it.

It's time to try out ten recipes, starting with the following five (several of which I already prepared):
* Salmon miso-mayo - I omitted the Cheddar cheese, but next time should double the cooking time and reduce the onions. Otherwise, an unusually tasty way to prepare salmon.

* Chicken cakes with teriyaki sauce - These mini chicken burgers are fabulous!

* Vegetable-stuffed beef rolls - My rolls were on the verge of falling apart, so I didn't end up cutting them in half and serving them on end. But they still tasted great.

* French beans with sesame seeds

* Chicken and egg with rice (oyaka-don)

Yes, I found at least a couple of new favorite recipes, but I chose the five most promising recipes. I'm not sure that the second set of recipes will turn out as well.